Global Sales of Top Quality Luggage

Through our network of international offices, Skyflite Luggage offers a flexible export service. We already sell luggage to countries as varied as the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, Ireland, Kuwait, Poland, South Africa, Spain and Uganda.

Our flexible team welcomes export enquiries concerning any global location, and can fulfil orders by:

  • Shipping ex works from our UK warehouse
  • Shipping direct from a UK port
  • Exporting from our manufacturing base in the Far East
  • Selling at a commission from our sourcing offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong

For further details and assistance regarding our export services, please call +44 1992 764 661 or email sales@skyflite.co.uk

Skyflite Collection

​Modern and diverse, the Skyflite range of luggage and travel goods delivers quality, value and technical excellence. With over fifty years design and manufacturing experience packed into every product, we create inspiring luggage for a discerning global client base.